Download Innovation Incentives one of our most popular whitepapers on the topic of incentivizing innovation. Incentives  are key to reinforcing any kind of behaviour, but they are especially tricky when it comes to Innovation.


Delphi's Certified Innovation ProfessionalTM and Delphi Innovation BlackbeltTM designation were the first and are still the longest running innovation certification programs.

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How it Works

1) Attend the Innovation Master Class (online, at a local venue, or at your place of business) No Cost for Online classes held quarterly.

2) Take the Online Examination (you will have one month to complete this). Certification fee applies, see details HERE

3) Receive your grading, personal assesment or coaching, and designation based on your score.




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About Delphi

Delphi has been training and provding advisory services on innovation to people around the world for more than 25 years.. more


"An Innovation Tour de Force."

"Innovation Certification drove home how much I need to know to leverage innovation."

"Innovation can be taught - now I know how!"

"Learning from the best is the best way to learn innovation."

"I never understood how much process there was to building an innovation capability."

"Innovation is not just about R&D, it's about the business!"

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